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take something on trust

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake something on trusttake something on trustBELIEVEto believe that something is true without having any proof I just had to take it on trust that he would deliver the money. trust
Examples from the Corpus
take something on trustSo she thought that she might take it on trust.Male speaker Don't take people on trust.He said he'd never been in trouble before, which I was content to take on trust.You do not know me and so you can not be expected to take anything on trust.I had to take him on trust on that.I just had to take it on trust that he would deliver the money.I'm afraid I can't let you see the letter, so you'll just have to take what I'm saying on trust.They learn not to take things on trust, but to make sure they fully comprehend in order to make their own assessments.She was petite, going silver-haired, vivacious, bright, and willing to take Richard on trust.
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