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take something to heart

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake something to hearttake something to heartUPSETto consider what someone says to you very seriously, often because it upsets you Anne took his criticisms very much to heart. We took Stephen’s warnings to heart. heart
Examples from the Corpus
take something to heartAfter his return to the Church, Gary Cosgrove began taking this counsel to heart.Having thus cleverly disarmed his remarks, he effectively placed the onus for taking them to heart squarely on Robby.As a young seminarian, Stuart Cullen had taken that to heart.But Alain, he is so sensitive, he has taken the affair to heart.Brian is a very sensitive kind of person and he takes criticism very much to heart.Had he taken the advice to heart, he might have written a quite different book.Jack took his father's advice to heart.He really took the matter to heart and finally wrote his Master's thesis on the subject.Don't take anything he said to heart - he was drunk.In fact, I think quite a lot of them took it to heart.I wish my friends would take that to heart.
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