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take stock (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake stock (of something)take stock (of something)THINK ABOUTto think carefully about the things that have happened in a situation in order to decide what to do next While in hospital, Jeremy took stock of his life. stock
Examples from the Corpus
take stock (of something)He walked back inside and took stock of the situation.With him came a difference in style, a change of gear, a time for reflection and taking stock.Many others in the region are taking stock, too.That is what I mean by taking stock.He paused outside the doors, taking stock of his men, careful not to give any sign of his thoughts.As the others came ashore I took stock of my new dominion.While in the hospital, Jeremy took stock of his life.It is time to take stock, at the half-way mark, before the next phase of reform.That night at camp, with 23 miles still ahead of us, we took stock.
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