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take the helm

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake the helmtake the helma) to start being in charge of something such as a business or organization Wright took the helm at the food retailer in December 2001. b) to start guiding a ship or boat helm
Examples from the Corpus
take the helmMaher, 52, takes the helm at a time of consolidation and competition in the banking industry.Julia, 45, will now deputise for anchorman Trevor McDonald, taking the helm only on Sunday evenings and holidays.I have decided that now is the time to retire as Captain and that some one else should take the helm.The coxswain and the quartermaster were killed at the wheel, and Nigel Tibbets took the helm.Instead he told her to take the helm.Young said he had fulfilled a promise he made when taking the helm in 1969.
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