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take the mickey (out of somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake the mickey (out of somebody)take the mickey (out of somebody)British English informalMAKE FUN OF to make someone look silly, often in a friendly way, for example by copying them or by pretending something is true when it is not He’s always taking the mickey out of me. mickey
Examples from the Corpus
take the mickey (out of somebody)You guys take the mickey, and call me Count.He and his friend Keith took the mickey out of the rich.You could trust him not to take the mickey, or to turn round and bite your head off.Abu Salim was a pain, which is why it was such a relief to take the mickey out of him.I liked it because he was taking the mickey out of himself.We take the mickey out of Mr Brown quite a lot, actually.They would take the mickey out of me with sickening enthusiasm.
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