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take the rap (for something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake the rap (for something)take the rap (for something)SCCBLAMEto be blamed or punished for a mistake or crime, especially unfairly Bo was left to take the rap for Victor’s murder. rap
Examples from the Corpus
take the rap (for something)And it is these bit players who nearly always take the rap, rather than white-collar drug lords such as Amado Carrillo.What you hope he will do is to remain silent and let Preval make decisions and take the rap for unpopular choices.People like you usually arrange it so that people like Gleeson take the rap.Mike refuses, takes the rap, and Ernie goes free.It is the incentives under which financial users and providers operate that should take the rap and which require attention.Ed Vulliamy Who should take the rap?Bo was left to take the rap for Victor's murder.He has set up his neighbour to take the rap for a very nasty murder.
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