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take turns

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake turnstake turns (also take it in turns) British EnglishSHARE if two or more people take turns doing work, using something etc, they do it one after the other, for example in order to share the work or play fairly You’ll have to take turns on the swing.take turns doing something The students were taking turns reading aloud.take turns in doing something British English We took turns in pushing the bike along.take turns to do something Dan and I usually take turns to cook. turn
Examples from the Corpus
take turnsDozens of men and boys take turns trading shots with him.Mandy and Debbie took it in turns to look after the baby.We arranged that we should take turns to cook for whomsoever was on the same watch.Danskin and Smitty took turns behind the wheel and they became more tense as the day passed.They take turns coming back on weekends to run it.You'll have to take turns on the swing.Small children find it almost impossible to take turns.I asked them to take turns talking about the pictures.We take turns doing the dishes.So, instead, they used a large puppet and two actors who take turns dressing as the chimpanzee.And in every block the women took turns to watch the street.
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