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take your medicine (like a man)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake your medicine (like a man)take your medicine (like a man)PUNISHto accept an unpleasant situation or a punishment that you deserve, without complaining medicine
Examples from the Corpus
take your medicine (like a man)Conradin hated her with all his heart, but he obeyed her quietly and took his medicine without arguing.He and his grandpa took their medicine together, at the same time.Come on, Ragtime Cowboy Joe, take your medicine.His major problem is that he misses taking his medicine, and he travels too much.He hadn't been changed or taken his medicine.Like some one recovering from the flu, she quit taking her medicine as soon as she felt better.Soon after she left the hospital, with a clearer mind, she again stopped taking her medicine.He shut his eyes, held his nose like a kid about to take his medicine, and started to drink.
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