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take your places

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake your placestake your placesused to tell people to go to the correct place or position that they need to be in for an activity If you would like to take your places, the food will be served shortly. place
Examples from the Corpus
take your placesAs the happy couple took their places there was a stir and a rising babble behind them.Then two of our most experienced divers took their places in the bell, and it was lowered again.Amidst shuffles and low-voiced murmurings the rest of the members took their places and eyed each other uneasily across the table.There was a delay while people took their places in the vehicles parked along the road.Many of the new sovereign states took their places in the United Nations.Differences in wealth and the superiority of elder over younger sons are ignored as they take their places according to age.They took their places at the table with an awkward, almost shy silence.
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