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take your time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtake your timetake your timea) to do something slowly or carefully without hurryingtake your time doing something Marie took her time cutting my hair and did it really well.take your time over He had planned to take his time over the journey. b) to do something more slowly than seems reasonable You’re taking your time with the lab tests. We need the results now. time
Examples from the Corpus
time overLeonora took her time over her lunch.Liz took her time over washing, in order to give the child a chance to return to bed.But I want to take my time over tackling up and savouring the prospect of the sport I hope to enjoy.Peahens survey several males and take their time over their decision, allowing each to parade his tail to best advantage.Ask for answers to be clarified Take your time over your questions and any discussion which follows.
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