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takeawaytake‧a‧way /ˈteɪkəweɪ/ noun [countable] British English  1 takeaway.jpg DFMEALa meal that you buy at a shop or restaurant to eat at home syn takeout American English Let’s have a takeaway tonight.2 DFSHOP/STOREa shop or restaurant that sells meals to be eaten somewhere else
Examples from the Corpus
takeawaya takeout pizzaShop raid: Thieves broke into a takeaway food shop in Northallerton.I've asked the restaurant to bring you round a takeaway.You struggle on to the bus, pick up a takeaway, stagger back home.Dave just lives on beer and takeaways.Left forearm rotation is one of the keys to a good takeaway.At the staff restaurant, everything must be available in a hurry with an optional takeaway service.The Parkgate takeaway was declared the region's top chip shop in a competition we ran in 1990.
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