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talctalc /tælk/ noun [uncountable]  DHDCBtalcum powder
Examples from the Corpus
talcAmong the silicates hardness varies from 1 in talc to 8 in topaz.There were traces of police activity here as well - more grey dust mingled with Angy's musky talc.The proposed site is reported to contain around 3.5 million tons of talc.Avoid using antiseptics, perfumed soaps or talc in the vaginal area, and don't use vaginal deodorants.It's eighty percent talc anyway.I rubbed talc into my face.Wash with unperfumed soap, pat dry with a soft towel then apply a little unperfumed talc.For best results, some products are recommended to be used after dusting your skin with talc first.
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