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talcum powder

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talcum powdertal‧cum pow‧der /ˈtælkəm ˌpaʊdə $ -dər/ noun [uncountable]  DHDCBa powder with a nice smell which you put on your skin after washing
Examples from the Corpus
talcum powderBeneath my toes, the sand was as fine as talcum powder and the color of vanilla.The cocaine looked like talcum powder, luminescent in the darkness.When you walked across the compound, it was like walking across a box of talcum powder.Annie felt her hand enclosed in a warm cocoon of talcum powder and smooth baby skin.The room reeked of talcum powder and dry urine.Not a speck of talcum powder, not a smear of soap, on any surface.Sprinkle on talcum powder, cornmeal or cornstarch; leave for two days; brush off.If you don't want to splash out on Dry Shampoo, ordinary talcum powder will do the same trick.
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