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talk/buy etc your way into/past etc something/somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtalk/buy etc your way into/past etc something/somebodytalk/buy etc your way into/past etc something/somebodyto get where you want or achieve something you want by saying or doing something Caroline managed to talk her way past the guard. way
Examples from the Corpus
talk/buy etc your way into/past etc something/somebodyEach receives some kind of government stipend, and Harry talks his way into a computer job while Kate does laundry.Forbes' rivals have accused him of buying his way into the race.Now nationalised and backed by government money, the firm may buy its way into video technology and markets.The adventurers could fight, but it would be safer to try and talk their way past.The family - without plane tickets and passports - had to talk their way past airport officials on their homeward journey.They bought their way into the landed aristocracy.You should be able to buy your way into any Mystery you choose with that.
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