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talk show

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talk showˈtalk show noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š AMTa television show in which famous people answer questions about themselves syn chat show British English πŸ”Š a talk show host
Examples from the Corpus
talk showβ€’ Carteris went off to be a talk show host.β€’ Not that I don't admire roaring entertainers, but a talk show requires some give and take, some exchange.β€’ I also discovered that being a guest on a talk show is pretty nerve-racking.β€’ Some one who's brilliant on the cinema screen isn't necessarily a good talk show guest.β€’ Later, it will expand to include a radio talk show where players can talk about computer games.β€’ And she used her limited telephone privileges to air her opinions live on a local radio talk show.
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