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talk to yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtalk to yourselftalk to yourselfto say your thoughts out loud ‘What did you say?’ ‘Sorry, I was just talking to myself.’ talk
Examples from the Corpus
talk to yourself"What did you say?" "Nothing, I was just talking to myself."They drank their tea and did not talk to each other.We continually talk to ourselves about them, losing force all the time, and feel that we are very badly treated.A system is anything that talks to itself.He walked along talking to himself.It was funny, she was sort of talking to herself.I think he's going crazy - he talks to himself all the time.Clients are often totally unaware of how negatively they may be talking to themselves, anticipating failure and minimizing success.Googol talked to himself in a muffled manner or merely droned - hard to say which - whenever he was in space.Betty was talking to herself under her breath as she worked.And, as he played, he seemed to talk to himself under his breath.
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