2 noun
talk2 S1 W1


[countable] a conversation:
After a long talk, we decided on divorce.
John, I'd like to have a talk with you.
talk about
We must have a talk about money.



[plural] formal discussions between governments, organizations etc
peace/trade etc talks
The peace talks look promising.
The president held talks with Chinese officials.
talks with
Talks with the rebels have failed.


[countable] a speech:
an entertaining talk
talk on/about
a talk on local history
give/do/deliver a talk
Dr. Howard will give a talk on herbal medicine.


[uncountable] information or news that people talk about and hear about a lot, but that is not official
talk of
Tickets sold so quickly there's talk of a second concert.
talk of doing something
the administration's talk of reducing weapons
talk that
There's talk that she's difficult to work with.
just/only talk
It's just talk. He'll never do it.

type of conversation

[uncountable] type of conversation:
That's enough of that kind of talk.
persuasive sales talk
That's fighting talk (=brave and confident words) from Italy's manager.

be all talk

spoken someone who is all talk talks a lot about what they intend to do, but never actually does it

be the talk of the town/Paris etc

someone who is the talk of the town has done something bad, shocking, exciting etc and everyone is talking about them:
She's the talk of London's theatre-goers since her last performance.

talk is cheap

used to say that you do not believe someone will do what they say

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