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talontal‧on /ˈtælən/ noun [countable usually plural]  HBBa sharp powerful curved nail on the feet of some birds that catch animals for food
Examples from the Corpus
talonHe flexed his hand and stroked a talon across his own forearm.Her talons are thrust forward ready to grab the food.Easier, easier ... and Creggan, with his talons tentatively stretched out below him, landed on one of its branches.Well feather-insulated talons of a snowy owl's feet.I twisted on the pole, pushed my talons forward and caught one of them a passing blow.Grasped tightly in its sharp talons was an ancient key.There, grasping the snail firmly in the talons of one foot, it waits.As they close in on the prey, they thrust their talons forward and the mighty claws take over.
From Longman Business Dictionarytalontal‧on /ˈtælən/ noun [countable]FINANCE a special piece of paper that comes with some BEARER BONDs, used to obtain more COUPONs when they are needed
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