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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtampontam‧pon /ˈtæmpɒn $ -pɑːn/ noun [countable]  Ma tube-shaped mass of cotton or similar material that a woman puts inside her vagina during her period (=monthly flow of blood)
Examples from the Corpus
tamponRob Small rides the winter Cornish surf; holy tampons in the water!The new tampon, called Naturals, was launched in March.Did you also know that in Britain neither sanitary towels nor tampons are sterilised, despite what their individual wrapping might suggest?Did you realise that even now there are no legal standards for the manufacture of either sanitary towels or tampons?G sent out about 60 million sample packages of Rely tampons.Gamble marketed the Rely tampon in the 1970s.It competes with other types of Tambrands tampons, but this is its first mass-marketed, all-cotton version.
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