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tangible assets/property

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtangible assets/propertytangible assets/propertyproperty such as buildings, equipment etc tangible
Examples from the Corpus
tangible assets/propertyIn rich families that have substantial inherited wealth, assets may be primarily in the form of claims on tangible assets.Fixed Assets Fixed assets capitalised during the year amount to £865,000 of which £700,000 relates to tangible assets and £165,000 to investments.Investors bought into tangible assets and sought return from income.Any permanent impairment of tangible assets identified is written off.A definition of family property that is restricted to claims on tangible property is weighted heavily toward the concerns of rich families.Depreciation is calculated to write off the cost or valuation of tangible assets other than freehold land over their estimated useful lives.Stocks and bonds finance tangible assets such as factories and machinery.Net tangible assets were £49.2 million.
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