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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtangledtan‧gled /ˈtæŋɡəld/ (also tangled up) adjective  1 twisted together in an untidy mass Your bedclothes are all tangled up. He had hair like tangled string.2 COMPLICATEDcomplicated or not easy to understand the tangled web of local politics tangled emotions
Examples from the Corpus
tangledThe concrete highway was edged with tangled dry grass.He ran a hand through his tangled hair.The sheets lay tangled, hanging down on the threadbare carpet.Blyth had taken off the hollow plastic leg and left it lying tangled in its straps and the long grass blades.the country's tangled politicsThe series involves the tangled relationships of two families in the London suburb of Blackheath.The high savanna lowered into a lower, drier savanna, dark with thorny, tangled thickets.In the hippy era images filtered weakly through a hairy sea of tangled tresses.tangled webWould you have put on your disapproving hat and talked about tangled webs and reaping what you sow?Looking back at the tangled web of confused events we can see that the answer had already emerged.The whole tangled web of each other's relationships was getting to breaking-point.The tangled web of life ultimately complements the finished weave of art.Almost inevitably the issue had become caught up in a tangled web of local education politics.It was a tangled web of paths, roads, and tracks through wilderness.The tangled web of their past and present balled against the rage of Ruth's emotions.Set in San Diego, the play examines the tangled web woven by those who conceal certain truths from others.
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