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TannoyTan‧noy, tannoy /ˈtænɔɪ/ noun [countable]  trademark British EnglishTC a system for giving out information in public places using loudspeakersover the tannoy The train’s approach was announced over the tannoy.
Examples from the Corpus
TannoyIn the evening, the names of those who had been picked from the line-up were read out over the camp tannoy.He didn't even notice the tannoy, he was already as tired as I was and he could barely stand.Rachel sat up as the announcement crackled over the tannoy.The tannoy interrupts again, pulling me out of my reverie and making my heart pound; it's my call.over the tannoyThe two men left the cafeteria when the train's departure was announced over the Tannoy.We sat on the sand and waited for the placings to come over the Tannoy.Rachel sat up as the announcement crackled over the tannoy.
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