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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtantalizingtan‧ta‧liz‧ing (also tantalising British English) /ˈtæntəl-aɪzɪŋ/ adjective  WANTmaking you feel a desire to have or do something syn tempting the tantalizing smell of fried bacontantalizingly adverb She was tantalizingly out of reach.
Examples from the Corpus
tantalizingAnd animal skull fossils sometimes yield tantalizing evidence of transitional metabolic natures.She saw tantalizing gatherings round the bold rectangle of the dining table.There are tantalizing hints in the archaeological record that the Minoans may have written longer, non-bureaucratic texts on parchment.Herbert's notes give only tantalizing hints of what happened to the other Jacobson children.She knew she would not be able to sleep with so much tantalizing information spinning in her mind.The tantalizing smell of barbecue was in the air.It was the most tantalizing smell.Through the fifteenth-century wooden door there is little to detain the visitor, just a few tantalizing traces of eleventh-century frescoes.
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