2 verb
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tape2 S3

record something

[intransitive and transitive] also tape recordTCR to record sound or pictures onto a tape:
Would you mind if I taped this conversation?
Quiet - the machine's still taping.

stick something

[transitive] to stick something onto something else using tape
tape something to something
There were two pictures taped to the side of the fridge.

fasten something

[transitive] also tape up to fasten a package, box etc with sticky tape


[transitive usually passive] also tape up especially American EnglishMH to tie a bandage firmly around an injured part of someone's body [= strap British English]
His ankle had been taped.

have (got) something/somebody taped

British English informal to understand someone or something completely and know how to deal with them:
You can't fool Liz - she's got you taped.

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