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tarantulata‧ran‧tu‧la /təˈræntjələ $ -tʃələ/ noun [countable]  tarantula.jpg HBIa large poisonous spider from Southern Europe and tropical America
Examples from the Corpus
tarantulaI thought it must be a tarantula at least with all the fuss you're making.Barry had told them at school that his Dad had bought him a tarantula.Timidity is a tarantula upon the academy.I bolt across the sheets legs first like a tarantula on the run.He once did a show on an Amazonian tarantula that occasionally eats birds.Do you own a pet tarantula or sing in a barbershop quartet?I made love to her under the tarantula.The Cotswold Wild Life Park is home to many exotic species of animals ranging from big cats to tarantulas.
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