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target language

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtarget languagetarget languagethe language that you are learning or that you are translating into target
Examples from the Corpus
target languageThis creates additional problems of target language suitability, problems which have yet to be solved.You can use a camera in the classroom to let learners see and hear themselves communicating in the target language.Differential grammar enables us to determine some of the main grammatical difficulties involved in learning the target language.Module 1 is designed for beginners ie those with no prior knowledge of the target language.For this reason, spoken language interpreters are specifically trained to reject the effects of their utterance of the target language.Decide from the very beginning that your aim is to use the target language as much as possible in the sessions.This can happen when the target language has a grammatical category which the source language lacks.Is the contact of the learner with the target language group likely to be intermittent rather than extensive?
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