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tasseltas‧sel /ˈtæsəl/ noun [countable]  Dthreads tied together at one end and hung as a decoration on clothes, curtains etctasselled British English, tasseled American English adjective
Examples from the Corpus
tasselHe split the skirt at the corners, so the curvy legs show, and topped them with bows and tassels.The blue silk mortar board she wore was edged in gold lace with a gold bullion button and tassel.Those early cards were works of art, elaborately painted and trimmed with lace, jewels, feathers, seashells and tassels.He was wearing a very attractive pair of black tassel loafers.All those red velvet curtains and golden tassels, and settees with little golden legs.Bill's fingers play with one of the tassels.She pushed the headrest back up; she pulled the tassel.Two needlework cushions with tassels designed by David and made by a friend sit happily with a traditional Amish quilt.
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