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tastelesstaste‧less /ˈteɪstləs/ adjective  1 DFTASTE OF FOOD OR DRINKfood or drink that is tasteless is unpleasant because it has no particular taste2 UNPLEASANTslightly offensive a tasteless remark3 TASTE IN CLOTHES, MUSIC ETCmade, decorated, or chosen with bad taste a tasteless outfit ugly and tasteless housing
Examples from the Corpus
tastelessI found none of the double entendres in Whiplash Whispers funny, and the illustrations were a bit tasteless.I think a lot of modern architecture is completely tasteless.The salad was limp and tasteless.Why is airplane food always so tasteless?Sugar maple sap is nearly tasteless and about 98 percent water.The muffin is tasteless, being a very poor substitute for bread, which is served on the Continent.Comments ranged from tasteless, bland and bitter to very easy to drink.It was an ugly room with tasteless decorations and shabby furniture.gaudy and tasteless designsEating the cake, he had felt it like tasteless dough in his mouth, every mouthful an act of shared indecency.tasteless jokesRohypnol is tasteless, odorless, and up to 20 times more powerful than Valium.Cheap food need not be tasteless or boring.a plate of tasteless, overcooked vegetablesBreakfast was a bowl of weak, milky coffee and a tasteless roll of bread.a tasteless TV talk show
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