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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtastytast‧y /ˈteɪsti/ ●●○ adjective (comparative tastier, superlative tastiest)  1 DELICIOUSfood that is tasty has a good taste, but is not sweet a simple but tasty meal tastefulsee thesaurus at taste2 informalINTERESTING tasty news, gossip etc is especially interesting and often connected with sex or surprising behaviour3 British English informalSEXY sexually attractive
Examples from the Corpus
tastyThese cookies are very tasty.The breakfast is complete and tasty.Fruits ripened on the vine are tasty but soft and difficult to transport.She makes really tasty dish with chicken and rice.Ceratopteris is tasty food for aquarium snails.She was chilly and irritable, liked tasty foods and vinegar, and had an aversion to fat, meat and milk.Families can drop the custom of serving unappetizing desserts and start tasty new holiday traditions, Eisenberg suggests.After putting the dishes together, the editor has a full-course meal-a tasty one, if possible.These sausages are really tasty - where did you buy them?
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