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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtatteredtat‧tered /ˈtætəd $ -ərd/ adjective  TEARclothes, books etc that are tattered are old and torn He produced a tattered envelope from his pocket.
Examples from the Corpus
tatteredThe old diary was yellowed and tattered.We sat on the ground on a filthy piece of cloth beside a clump of tattered belongings.The shirt was now tattered beyond recognition.A man in tattered blue dungarees was busy in the garage.She stared in horror at the whitened, frozen cadavers which lay there under a tattered, canvas sheet.An old woman in tattered clothes walked down the street pushing a dilapidated pram.The old man clutched a tattered copy of "War and Peace."A guy in tattered cut-offs and garish sport shirt stands on a rock, brandishing a sword above his head.They hung on him loosely, like a tattered dress.She was poorly dressed in a tattered knit sweater.Dollarisation was the last card in ex-president Jamil Mahuad's tattered pack of policies.Russo says many clients still bound into his styling chair clutching tattered pictures of Claudia Schiffer.He dressed like a willful teenager, favoring jeans so tattered you could see his boxer shorts through them.
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