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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtauttaut /tɔːt $ tɒːt/ adjective  1 TIGHTstretched tight opp slack The rope was stretched taut.2 WORRIEDshowing signs of worry, anger etc and not relaxed syn tense a taut smile Catherine looked upset, her face taut.3 having firm muscles her taut brown body4 a taut book, film, or play is exciting and does not have any unnecessary parts a taut thriller
Examples from the Corpus
tautThe skin of his face felt dry and taut.I liked him instantly, especially as he was a fitness fanatic and his body was solid and taut.The muscles in his neck were taut and prominent.The backs of his thighs were bulging, his hamstrings taut as guy wires.A single strand of taut barbed wire was strung along the top of the garden wall.He asked a student to hold a rubber band taut between her hands.The taut dialogue raises a squirming smorgasbord of questions about the potential for bedlam when our profound individual differences are ignored.Just for a moment she remained very still, her senses taut, enjoying the light caress of his fingers.Within a fortnight, Kate was white and taut from lack of sleep and anxiety, but Toby was blooming.He massaged the taut muscles of her neck.taut stomach musclesHis new film is a taut suspenseful thriller.
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