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tawnytaw‧ny /ˈtɔːni $ ˈtɒː-/ adjective  CCbrownish-yellow in colour a lion’s tawny fur
Examples from the Corpus
tawnyIt made Fabio think of some huge, tawny animal.Her hair was dyed tawny brown and carefully waved.She looked like a sleek, tawny cat about to pounce on its prey.But then I saw her face within her tangle of tawny hair - unmistakably young and female.And it's only the tawny owl who goes tu-whit-tu-whoo.Wardens find him sitting in a fake oak tree beside the replica of a female tawny owl.Sweep a brush across the four shades, from lightest sand to tawny terracotta, and dust over your face.It was another female, but small and insignificant-looking, with tawny wings whose gloss had faded.
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