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tax-deferredˌtax-deˈferred adjective American English  PETnot taxed until a later time tax-deferred savings
Examples from the Corpus
tax-deferredYou may learn about tax-deferred annuities, other retirement plans, dollar-cost averaging and so on.In a tax-deferred annuity, your money grows much faster than in a taxable account.Once the money is gone, it can never be replaced on a tax-deferred basis.The act did not abolish DISCs but limited their tax benefits and imposed an interest charge to tax-deferred earnings.Most market professionals agree that the tax-deferred funds are a major force behind the exponential growth in stock prices.Think of any matching contribution from the employer as a tax-deferred raise.If you have federal friends who are in the tax-deferred Thrift Savings Plan, dangle this column under various noses.In fact, because of the way income and estate taxes work, many experts caution about overuse of tax-deferred vehicles.
From Longman Business Dictionarytax-deferredˌtax-deˈferred adjective American EnglishTAX not taxed until a later timetax-deferred savings
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