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taxicabtax‧i‧cab /ˈtæksikæb/ noun [countable]  TTCa taxi
Examples from the Corpus
taxicabIt's quite likely she calls a taxicab every time and has it waiting round the corner out of sight.I shared a taxicab with the Stephens College student and her roommate, who had come to meet her at the airport.Had they even penetrated the licensed taxicabs of London?At Foster Place, one of the new taxicabs stood alone among the horse-drawn vehicles for hire.On June 4 two hundred sailors in rented taxicabs entered the barrio and beat four young men wearing zoot suits.Then, when Hyde thought the driver was beginning to suspect something, he sent the taxicab away and continued on foot.The taxicab moved off slowly, making a wide turn in front of Trinity College.Yellow taxicabs race past, swerving in front of him, braking violently at stop lights.
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