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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtaxingtax‧ing /ˈtæksɪŋ/ adjective  DIFFICULTneeding a lot of effort syn demanding The job turned out to be more taxing than I’d expected.
Examples from the Corpus
taxingOn the Home Front, women's tasks were diverse and often physically taxing.The job was taxing, but there were some good moments.It is an extremely physically taxing competition.Later in the pregnancy when the drive to work was getting too taxing, I worked at home two days a week.You need a sound night's sleep to prepare you for the taxing journey tomorrow.Perhaps the room revived a taxing memory of what had happened.Some day the theme may find its historian, who will find many taxing questions to answer.For most of them it will be without doubt the most taxing year they can remember.
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