Date: 1600-1700
Language: Chinese
Origin: te


Related topics: Food, Drink, Plants
tea S1 W2


a) DFD [uncountable and countable] a hot brown drink made by pouring boiling water onto the dried leaves from a particular Asian bush, or a cup of this drink:
Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?
Do you take milk and sugar in your tea?
I'd like two teas and a piece of chocolate cake, please.
b) [uncountable]HBPDF dried, finely cut leaves that are used to make tea
c) [uncountable] bushes whose leaves are used to make tea:
tea plantations

mint/camomile etc tea

DFD a hot drink made by pouring boiling water onto leaves or flowers, sometimes used as a medicine


[uncountable and countable] British English
a) DF a small meal of cake or biscuits eaten in the afternoon with a cup of tea:
We serve lunch and afternoon tea.
We stopped for a cream tea on the way home (=tea and cream cakes).
b) used in some parts of Britain to mean a large meal that is eaten early in the evening high teasee usage note dinner

tea and sympathy

British English kindness and attention that you give someone when they are upset

➔ not be your cup of tea

at cup1
meals at different times of day: breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea British English, dinner, supper

a meal outside: picnic, barbecue also barbie informal, cookout American English

when you quickly eat a little food : snack, a bite to eat

a very big meal for a lot of people: banquet, feast

parts of a meal: starter British English, appetizer American English (the first course)
main course
/entree especially AmE, side dish (eaten with the main course)
also pudding sweet British English (sweet food eaten at the end of the meal)

See also

dinner, supper, tea, lunch
In Britain, the main meal of the day is dinner and it is usually eaten in the evening. Some people call this meal supper, but to others supper is a very small meal that is eaten just before they go to bed. Some people call this main evening meal tea, but to others tea is a small meal that is eaten in the afternoon.Some people use dinner to refer to the meal they eat in the middle of the day, but if you want to be clear that you are referring to this meal, use lunch.See also dinner

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