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teach somebody a lesson

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishteach somebody a lessonteach somebody a lessoninformalPUNISH if someone or something teaches you a lesson, you are punished for something you have done, so that you will not want to do it again teach
Examples from the Corpus
teach somebody a lessonHe was treating me badly, so I left - I just wanted to teach him a lesson.They need to be taught a lesson!I hope a night in the cells has taught you a lesson.They say they beat Scott up to teach him a lesson.He would teach her a lesson.The commander, as an al-Qadhadhfa and ally of the Magharba, should teach them a lesson.The risk of inflation teaches us another lesson: Do not play it too safe.It was the old mountain teaching another brutal lesson, that the mountain and its weather does not forgive a mistake.A japanese Brother and Sister A japanese myth teaches a similar lesson to that of Lilith.The desire to teach the experts a lesson took on manic proportions.
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