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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishteakteak /tiːk/ noun  [uncountable]TIHBA a hard yellowish-brown wood that is used for making ships and good quality furniture
Examples from the Corpus
teakThey find it difficult to build a home for their babies in a Dimmock water feature or a teak pergola.This is an efficiently laid-out room, with its two sinks and teak draining board.It was about eight inches square and framed in black teak.Because of the large teak frame, Mama Tuyet occupied center stage on the altar.It was long, cool and cavernous here; customers sat at small round tables, also of teak.The commander sat in a pinstripe suit behind his desk, an island of teak in a sea of purple carpet.Batwing doors from a Wild West saloon led into the main bar, which was paneled in beautifully carved Siamese teak.
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