Language: Old English
Origin: 'young of an animal, group of animals pulling something'


1 noun
Related topics: Bicycles, Carts, Horses
team1 S1 W1 [countable]
1 a group of people who play a game or sport together against another group
football/basketball etc team
Tim plays for the national volleyball team.
What football team do you support?
[also + plural verb British English]
Our team are winning.
He was a member of the team who won the Cup Final.
in a team British English /on a team American English
Is he going to be on the team this year?
team game/sport
team sports such as soccer
2 a group of people who have been chosen to work together to do a particular job
team of
a team of experts
management/research/sales etc team
a senior member of the design team
Our success lies in working together as a team.
It was a tremendous team effort (=everyone worked well).
You need to choose a team leader.
3TTB two or more animals that are used to pull a vehicle

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