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tear/rip something to shreds

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtear/rip something to shredstear/rip something to shredsto criticize something very severely Within a year, other researchers had torn the theory to shreds. shred
Examples from the Corpus
tear/rip something to shredsIts springtime for President Bill Clinton as he watches his Republican challengers rip each other to shreds.Within two years, other researchers had torn it to shreds.They would have torn Corbett to shreds if the grille had been raised.They didn't have a humidifier and it's torn my voice to shreds.Other than the chance to rip it to shreds.They snarled at them as if they were criminals and took their papers as if they'd like to tear them to shreds.And the politicians, thank goodness, have only so much money with which to rip each other to shreds.The agony of such a torment would tear her to shreds.
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