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techietech‧ie /ˈteki/ noun [countable]  informalSE someone who knows a lot about computers and electronic equipment
Examples from the Corpus
techieBut what do techies know about business?Poor Gingrich, the techie who would give laptops to kids, reduced to a duct-tape interface.I don't even bother trying to fix things that go wrong on my computer - I leave that to the techies.These also masquerade under the techie names of 10Base-5,10Base-2 and 10Base-T respectively.Sushi restaurants that cater to techies and tony taco bars overflow at lunchtime.
From Longman Business Dictionarytechietech‧ie /ˈteki/ (also techy) noun (plural techies) [countable] informalCOMPUTING a person who works in computing or in some other TECHNOLOGICAL industryMost of my colleagues are techies.
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