Date: 1600-1700
Language: Greek
Origin: technikos 'of art, skillful', from techne 'art, skill'


Related topics: Hard Science, Linguistics
tech‧ni‧cal S2 W2


H connected with knowledge of how machines work:
Our staff will be available to give you technical support.
I have no technical knowledge at all.

technical problem/hitch

a problem involving the way a machine or system works:
We've been having some technical problems with the new hardware.


SL technical language is language that is difficult for most people to understand because it is connected with one particular subject or used in one particular job:
I didn't understand all the technical terms.


relating to small exact details or rules that say how a system should work:
He called for the legislation to be delayed on a technical point.
This is a technical violation of the treaty.


technical ability is the ability to do the difficult things that you have to do in order to play music, do a sport etc:
a young player with a lot of technical ability

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