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technicaltech‧ni‧cal /ˈteknɪkəl/ ●●● S2 W2 AWL adjective  1 machinesH connected with knowledge of how machines work Our staff will be available to give you technical support. I have no technical knowledge at all. technical training2 technical problem/hitch3 languageSL technical language is language that is difficult for most people to understand because it is connected with one particular subject or used in one particular job I didn’t understand all the technical terms.4 details/rulesRULE/REGULATION relating to small exact details or rules that say how a system should work He called for the legislation to be delayed on a technical point. This is a technical violation of the treaty.5 skillsWAY/METHOD technical ability is the ability to do the difficult things that you have to do in order to play music, do a sport etc a young player with a lot of technical ability
Examples from the Corpus
technicalBoth Ashton and MacMillan take the technical aspects of their choreography very seriously.Other students were trapped between self-reliance and technical dependency.technical expertsHe is remembered there for his technical feats.a technical foulAnd Whitehurst suggested that, when technical instruments produced conflicting results, lab guidelines at times were unclear on how to proceed.No one here has the technical knowledge to fix the copier.Jurors must deal with many technical legal questions.Many books on furniture making are too technical or require artistic skills.In some ways the job had been a good fit, since he was clearly the best technical problem-solver in the organization.The next step is to make technical progress endogenous to the model.The Government's position is that a tax-raising power in the technical sense inevitably means that taxes will be raised.As a quarterback, Elway has excellent technical skills.technical trainingtechnical trainingThey were expected to leave school at fourteen and go out to work to earn a living or take up technical training.Teaching and technical training are on the agenda, and they are long-term tasks.The technical training department is currently working on the issue of competency assurance which is required by the new Safety Case Regulations.Your starting point will be a comprehensive assessment of the area's technical training needs.In exile, members are involved in solidarity work and are implementing educational and technical training programmes with the refugee communities.Since then a sound cabin has been built and technical training undertaken to maximise the effectiveness of the broadcasts.technical termsI have purposely avoided the use of technical terms.I now introduce another of Axelrod's evocative technical terms.The first is that of ensuring that your reader knows which words are the technical terms.Written on the boxes is all manner of strange titles, fantastic claims and arcane technical terms.A few more technical terms are essential, and then we can discard the whole jargon-ridden dictionary of genetics.The second, more difficult problem is that of ensuring that your reader understands what your technical terms mean.Avoid technical terms or phrases which, although familiar to you, may be unknown to your listener.In purely technical terms, this is all but a truism.
From Longman Business Dictionarytechnicaltech‧ni‧cal1 /ˈteknɪkəl/ adjective connected with practical knowledge, skills, or methods, especially in industrial or scientific workThe manual contains all the technical information on the product.Our staff provide technical support 7 days a week.We have appointed a new technical director.technically adverbIs the project technically feasible?a technically advanced industrytechnicaltechnical2 noun1technicals [plural]FINANCE signs that show the way prices are moving on the stock market and that help people to calculate what will happen to the price of shares etc in the futureThe market technicals gave negative sell signals on Thursday.2[countable] another name for tech2