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technical problem/hitch

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtechnical problem/hitchtechnical problem/hitchPROBLEMa problem involving the way a machine or system works We’ve been having some technical problems with the new hardware. technical
Examples from the Corpus
technical problem/hitchDesign implies change and improvement, solving technical problems and meeting new needs.However, some technical problems exist.At times it appears large numbers of these new or infrequent voters were confounded by technical problems in the ballot.Politics becomes an issue of solving the technical problems of advancing capitalism rather than the realization of practical goals.He had also to tackle the technical problems of bringing two curriculum systems into one entity.It is open to any interested individual and meets regularly to discuss operational and near-term technical problems of the Internet.In other words, it is to argue that the problem is a technical problem which admits of a technical solution.The principal technical problems which had to be resolved were breakage due to heavy-duty service and abuse.
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