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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtechnicallytech‧ni‧cally /ˈteknɪkli/ ●○○ AWL adverb  1 DETAILaccording to the exact details of a rule or law[sentence adverb] Technically, the two countries are still at war, as a peace treaty was never signed.[+adj/adverb] What you have done is technically illegal.2 [+adj/adverb]WAY/METHOD concerning the special skills that are needed to play music, do a sport etc a technically brilliant pianist The dance looks simple, but is technically very difficult.3 concerning the way machines are used to do work Agriculture is becoming more and more technically advanced.4 technically possible/difficult/feasible etc
Examples from the Corpus
technicallyAt the level of the individual director, being functionally skilled and technically competent no longer makes a difference.Instructions to the jury must be technically correct.But Gates was technically more capable and also had proven himself as the sole leader of his company.Bob is technically the best golfer on the team.The new show, in which leading opposition figures have been charged, is technically within the law.Technically, you are responsible if someone gets injured on your property.technically advancedThe more technically advanced agriculture becomes, the smaller is its dependency on natural endowments.In this respect the Empire is the most technically advanced human nation of the Warhammer World.Most polyester duvets contain the most technically advanced non-allergenic filling which have the advantage of being machine washable.Isn't it time this sort of facility was universal - at least in the technically advanced world?
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