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technically possible/difficult/feasible etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtechnically possible/difficult/feasible etctechnically possible/difficult/feasible etcHpossible, difficult etc using the scientific knowledge that is available now It could soon be technically possible to produce a human being by cloning. technically
Examples from the Corpus
technically possible/difficult/feasible etcThere is nothing technically difficult about this; if the computer can look one play ahead it can look 20.The members thought that it was technically feasible and, under the right conditions, could benefit the region.FLEXthe name of both the machine and its language-was not technically feasible at the time.There was no question that a tunnel was technically feasible, but 1 wanted to know what the economics would be.Subsequent additions and amendments to software may be technically possible, but inadvisable because of subsequent upgrade issues.Berni came into this world on May 12 at 9: 07 a. m. It was a technically difficult delivery.Although it is already technically possible for network administrators to monitor Internet traffic, such tracking has been difficult to do.One expert achieved unwanted fame by stating, categorically, that it was no longer technically possible to build modern aircraft out of wood.
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