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TechnicolorTech‧ni‧col‧or /ˈteknɪkʌlə $ -ər/ noun [uncountable]  trademarkAMF a way of producing the colour in films, used for the cinema
Examples from the Corpus
TechnicolorI could picture that: a Technicolor sunrise, and three singing sailors swarming through the docks.But the other was swollen and half closed, with a Technicolor bruise below it right down to her razor-sharp cheekbone.Now it was laid out before them in the great Technicolor blobs of the tomographic maps.What happens in a Great Group is always in Technicolor.A tureen of Technicolor sprouts looked at her smugly.Here some of the assembled company sat watching the sun set in rosy Technicolor behind a jagged peak.
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