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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtechniquetech‧nique /tekˈniːk/ ●●● S3 W1 AWL noun  1 WAY/METHOD[countable] a special way of doing somethingmethodtechnique for There are various techniques for dealing with industrial pollution.technique of In mathematics, we use many techniques of problem-solving.see thesaurus at method, way2 [uncountable] the special way in which you move your body when you are playing music, doing a sport etc, which is difficult to learn and needs a lot of skilltechnical He’s a great player, with brilliant technique.COLLOCATIONSverbsuse a technique (also employ a technique formal)By using commercial shipbuilding techniques, the Navy hoped to reduce costs.devise/develop a techniqueResearchers hope to develop more accurate testing techniques.learn a techniqueWe will help the beginner learn these basic techniques.practise a techniquePractise your painting techniques on unwanted pieces of wallpaper.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + technique basic techniquesThe girls are taught the basic techniques of childcare.modern techniquesArchaeologists now use modern techniques such as aerial photography.a simple techniqueIt is amazing what a difference these simple techniques can make.an effective techniqueThis is an effective technique for removing unwanted hair.a standard techniqueA sample of blood was obtained from each patient using the standard technique.management techniquesHe praised their management techniques.relaxation techniquesPatients are taught relaxation techniques to use at home.surgical techniquesSurgical techniques have improved considerably in the last twenty years.
Examples from the Corpus
techniquethe artist's impressive style and techniqueKarajan, it seems, always had a superb baton technique.But techniques of reproducing graphic images - illustrations - were very slow to develop.helpful tips on how to improve your exam techniqueSuch modern techniques take time away.It is not only that the sophistication level with which the question or technique is framed must be appropriate to the patient.Doctors are developing a painless technique to give shots.Many find it very embarrassing to describe their expectations regarding actual physical technique.More and more heart patients are surviving thanks to improved surgical techniques.The techniques developed will lead to a more versatile approach to landscape assessment than is presently possible.I used this technique for areas of detail, or when I needed deeper areas in large washes.Chapter 6 describes useful techniques for creating on screen filing systems that really work.
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