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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtediouste‧di‧ous /ˈtiːdiəs/ ●○○ adjective  BORINGsomething that is tedious continues for a long time and is not interesting syn boring The work was tiring and tedious.see thesaurus at boringtediously adverb a tediously long film
Examples from the Corpus
tediousDoing all those calculations without a computer would be extremely tedious.But he had come to find her tedious.The very rigid structure looks tedious and clumsy to us humans, but we are not meant to be reading it.In truth, she found watching the endless circuiting a little tedious and especially when there was no one to talk to.Bullens Creek had started off tiny and tedious and gone downhill from there.But because this group of people is isolated, the routines may assume a particularly tedious, inexorable character.a tedious lectureIn order to use them, however, they require a rather tedious peeling process.It was one of the most tedious plays I've ever had to sit through.It would be tedious to recapitulate the substance of Addison's tributes.
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