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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtediumte‧di‧um /ˈtiːdiəm/ noun [uncountable]  BORINGthe feeling of being bored because the things you are doing are not interesting and continue for a long time without changing syn boredom We sang while we worked, to relieve the tedium.tedium of the tedium of everyday life
Examples from the Corpus
tediumThe only things to break the dusty tedium are distant mountains, ragged scars on the horizon.And ask any worker about the treadmill, the maddening tedium.Sometimes I shave my legs, amazed at the majestic tedium of the activity.The average work week was nearly eighty hours of either backbreaking labor or mind-numbing tedium.Two-thirty was a time of blank arrest; a time of tedium, with all the dangers tedium carries at its heart.For one thing it is devoid of the relentless lilt and terminological tedium of the professional programme writer.She wanted to be left alone, but now the tedium of her resolutely normal life is plastered across 190 pages.To relieve the tedium of the days they sang, or told stories to Enoch.relieve the tediumStress also relieves the tedium of everyday life.To relieve the tedium of the days they sang, or told stories to Enoch.
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