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teething troubles

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishteething troublesˈteething ˌtroubles (also teething problems) noun [plural]  PROBLEMsmall problems that you have when you first start doing a new job or using a new system
Examples from the Corpus
teething troublesI would like to hope that these are teething troubles, but I remain to be convinced.These are teething troubles, the shock of the new.A hospital spokesman admitted there had been teething troubles.Apart from teething troubles no major problems were expected.The Class 89 was notable for its lack of teething troubles, sadly not experienced by the two other new electric designs.After early season teething troubles, it also proved a threat to the pre-eminence of Senna's McLaren Honda.Mr John Morgan, the driver, said the machine had sheared its mounting bolts but the problems were teething troubles.
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